Laser hair removal with an FMH specialist in dermatology

Laser hair removal for all skin types (clear, mat and black).

Laser hair removal is an effective and proven method. The laser is a medical device whose accurate calibration to the patient’s skin type and texture guarantees effective treatment. Between 5 and 7 sessions are necessary to achieve permanent hair removal, depending on the area and skin type concerned. However, certain precautions must be taken before and after laser hair removal.

The prices quoted below are per session; they are indicative and may be subject to change without notice.

Epilation laser

Our laser hair removal packages

Full legs, Brazilian bikini, armpits

CHF 1,000 approximately 120 minutes per session

Half legs, Brazilian bikini, armpits

CHF 700 approximately 90 minutes per session

Brazilian bikini, armpits

CHF 400 approximately 30 minutes per session

Back, shoulders, nape, chest, abdomen

CHF 1,200  

Back, shoulders, nape

CHF 800  

Chest, abdomen

CHF 600  

-30% on subscriptions for 5 sessions and over

Our laser hair removal prices


CHF 500


Brazilian bikini

CHF 300



CHF 800


Half legs

CHF 400



CHF 500



CHF 600



CHF 450



CHF 200


Upper lip

CHF 100



CHF 250


-30% on subscriptions for 5 sessions and over

Precautionary measures before undergoing laser hair removal treatment:


Ideally prior to laser hair removal, skin should not be tanned and the dark hair follicles should be clearly visible. An excess of melanin in the skin can lead to a warming of the cutaneous layer and the risk of superficial burns.

Advise your practitioner of any medication taken as certain substances react to the laser beam.
Before a laser session the area to be treated should be shaved but not waxed.

Before a laser session, the areas to be treated must be shaved and not epilated.

Precautionary measures after laser hair removal treatment

During the days following laser hair removal, it is imperative to avoid exposure to the sun.


Side effects

Any side effects are chiefly in relation to sun exposure or skin pigmentation. If contra-indications are observed, a very pale skin presents almost no risk of side effects.

Sun exposure (within the last 1 to 3 months, depending on the amount) can lead to slight blistering, which disappears in 7 – 15 days. Darker skins have the same risk of benign blistering but also of hyperpigmentation (excessive pigmentation of the skin) or hypo-pigmentation (reduction in the quantity of pigments), which normally regress in a few months.

The more dynamic the treatment, the greater the risk of side effects. For this reason, when treating pigmented skin, it is advisable to establish the optimum compromise between the risk taken and the results expected. In this case, the advice of an experienced practitioner together with the requirements of the patient are the determining factors.

Permanent hair removal is possible with medical lasers.

In our centre, we use the very latest in laser technology, the GentleMax Pro (Alexandrite and YAG) from CANDELA.

The Alexandrite, made of semi-precious stone, emits a red beam (wavelength)? which is easily absorbed by melanin in the skin. Powerful, versatile and ergonomic, the Alexandrite laser offers excellent visibility of the area to be treated. The laser is set at a wavelength that ensures a deep penetration of the light beam without requiring increased light intensity.

The objectives of laser hair removal are:
1. to thermally destroy the cells responsible for hair growth? which are situated at the base of the hair follicle. During hair removal, the laser targets the melanin (or dark pigment) of the hair follicle (or root).
2. to preserve the surrounding tissue structures.

During treatment, the skin also accumulates heat. It is therefore usual to use epidermal cooling to protect the skin from heating. Our laser equipment employs the most effective cooling system: a cryogenic jet spray (-100°C), which provides the best protection against burning or discomfort.

Treatment time
Approximately 5 minutes for the upper lip, 15 – 20 minutes for a medium-sized area (forearms, bikini), 30 minutes for half leg or bust and 1 hour for the whole leg or the chest.