Spider Veins

Over time, the many capillary blood vessels in the face can dilate or rupture as a consequence of sun exposure, lifestyle changes or other damage The resulting spider veins or areas of redness on the face can be successfully treated with laser treatment.

Our prices

(an estimate is provided following a medical aesthetic consultation).

The price and the number of sessions vary according to the area in question and to the intensity of the spider veins. 

Laser treatment of spider veins is not covered under medical insurance.

All accounts should be settled on the day of treatment by credit card or cash.

Precautionary measures regarding laser treatment of spider veins.

Avoid tanning or exposure to the sun. Furthermore, during the first days following treatment, it is imperative that the treated area is not rubbed or washed with abrasive skin cleansers.

Side effects

Immediately following treatment, the treated area can become slightly swollen. It may feel sensitive and warm.